IMA 2015 Spring Vol.11

Evolutions in Fashion Photography

IMA 2015 Spring Vol.11

Fashion photography has always functioned intimately with commerce. Despite its design for consumption, however, it has left an indelible mark on the history of photography. Shifts in economics, technology, standards of beauty, and other social values have altered fashion photography’s purpose and evolved its output. Fashion photography is currently at an interesting turning point. It is developing new facets and its distance from art is quickly diminishing.

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Opening story : Todd Hide
“The Disquieting House”
Text : Minami Aoyama

Feature: Evolutions in Fashion Photography
Viviane Sassen / Synchrodogs / Asger Carlsen / Charlie Engman / Blommers & Schumm / Robi Rodriguez / Ina Jang / Yoshiyuki Okuyama

Text : Kaie Murakami / Hiroshi Ashida / Haidee Findlay- Levin / Masaya Kuroki

Guy Bourdin
Text : Charlotte Cotton

Fashion in the Street

R.I.P. Lewis Baltz? The Last Interview
Text : Marc Feustel / John Gossage / Maya Ishiwatari

“Stream of consciousness” Risaku Suzuki
Interview : Ryo Kase

“The Great Master’s View vol.11” Jean-Eugene Atget

New Wave in Photography vol.4 Spain

“STEP OUT! vol.7”
Hiroyuki Takenouchi / Rui Mizuki / Yusuke Kihara / Kazuto Ishikawa / Arata Mino

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