IMA 2016 Autumn Vol.17

Landscape Photography in New Territory

IMA 2016 Autumn Vol.17

How many landscape photographs have been shot in history? The enormous volume of landscape images produced have been arbitrarily categorized, described, evaluated, and consumed. The landscape, however, simply exists before us. It expresses nothing from its own side. The landscape that we see is a product of our perspective. Through photographs, the post-consumer social landscape poses fundamental questions, such as what we see in landscapes in the first place.

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Special Feature: Landscape Photography in New Territory
“The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth” Inka and Niclas
Interview with the artist
“Adriatic Sea (staged) Dancing People” Olivo Barbieri
Text: Suge Syun’ichi
“Paradise Fire” David Benjamin Sherry
Text: Kevin Moore
“The Regeneration of Complex Societies” Nozomi Teranishi
Text: Kenichiro Mogi
“HANON” Yoshinori Mizutani
Text: Hideto Fuse
“Range” Penelope Umbrico
Text: Dominick Chen

The New Series “Ascent” and a Consideration of Landscape Photography
Fiona Tan Interview

Japanese Scenery Across the Time
Text:Masashi Kohara

The Trajectory of a Concept: Half a century Leading to the “Lost Human” Exhibition
Hiroshi Sugimoto Interview

STEP OUT! vol. 13 Yuki Morita

Essence of Thomas Ruff’s Works
Thomas Ruff Interview


Unseen Photo Fair & Festival
In Search of an Unseen Photograph

The Moment Fashion Photography Becomes Art

The Serial
People Charlotte Cotton
Focus Otani Nieuwenhuize
Takashi Homma”Talking Photography” vol.1 André Principe
How They Are Made vol.5 Ruth van Beek



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