IMA 2012 Winter Vol.2

Urban Landscapes

IMA 2012 Winter Vol.2

The theme of this volume is “photography and the city.”This volume looks at the photographic subject of the city, where people, things, thoughts, and technology are perennially evolving. Since its invention, photography and the city have been intimately connected. How did city photographs change in the 21st Century, following the 20th Century, which produced numerous masterpieces of city photographs? Examining the changes in city photographs will allow us to foresee future developments.

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From here to There by Alec Soth

Urban Landscapes:
Andreas Geffeler, Wassink Lundgren, Taiji Matsue, Martin Parr, Hedi Slimane and more

Daido Moriyama × GUCCI

Art Photography of Magnum:
Peter Marlow, Paolo Pellegrin, Jim Goldberg

Great Master’s View by Jacques Henri Lartigue

Photography Now Vol.3 by Charlotte Cotton

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