IMA 2013 Winter Vol.6

Still Life Photography

IMA 2013 Winter Vol.6

The theme of this volume is “still lifes speak.”It features a new generation of unique still life photographs produced domestically and internationally. It also boasts a new section that reports on new photographic trends. The first installment looks at the latest photographic trends in Holland.

PRICE:1,944 JPY+tax


Ishiuchi Miyako’s new series “Frida by Ishiuchi”

Still Life Photography:
Taryn Simon, Scheltens & Abbenes, Jason Evans, Nick Albertson, Raphael Dallaporta, Sara Cwynar, Wataru Yamamoto

Shomei Tomatsu and Still Life Photography

Josef Koudelka × Daido Moriyama,
Alec Soth × Nobuyoshi Araki

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