Flowers as a still life, to capture, save, store, overwrite, project repeatedly and to leave these traces recollects the subjects passed time and reconstructs themselves. The work composed of four monochrome videos in which each is an individual flower emerging from darkness. The petals are subtly moving which suggests it is more than a static image. Sometimes slowly or suddenly, the flower appears doubled and tripled, it starts to vibrate creating a mechanised unfamiliar movement. Using a method of 3D film making composed with two images shot from separate lenses similar to that of the human eye. For this video, there are multiple angled views of the flower are blended, or projected frame by frame at the same time resulting in a perception of three-dimensionality to the image.

The process of preserving the views into photographs or videos has become usual procedure to reconstruct the viewing subject onto a two dimensional surface. Through this process the flower’s touch, weight or spatial sense becomes further from the original, yet we learn to enable ourselves to unconsciously ignore the difference and accept the reality. This work explores different perspectives by revealing the process of video making or the gap in between the frames, it leads to a dissimilarity in the already existed understanding of the viewing subject and projects the distinction between the reality in the screen and its imperfection.

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