“Projection” (2018)

You will be amazed to find such an endless variety of perceptions and feelings when talking about colors. For example, when you are looking at an apple, the red of the fruit may not necessary be the same as the one someone else is experiencing. And when you try to see the color with your mind’s eye, it will change as your memory of it changes. I see photography as a form of expression through crystalized images made by light. Thus, it is only natural for me to concentrate on colors in photography and that’s how this project came about.

In Projection, I explored the ways to capture colors contained in light and how they look in photographs. Colors are recognized by the eye as mixtures of different intensities of red, green and blue, which are called the primary colors of light. I was inspired by this idea and started taking photographs of various objects on the street under natural light with reversal film focusing on their colors. I made a series of color slides which I considered elements of different colors. I used three projectors to project images on top of each other, mixing the colors on the wall.

And then I placed various objects in front of the wall. The objects were arranged and rearranged in different formations, enacting a kind of play which represents reality. These colorful lights projected on the wall become a backdrop for their performance, with overwrapping shadows and colors changing every second. I photographed and filmed the process. The title refers to the physical “projection” of images generated by the projectors as well as psychological “projections” we routinely make about each other as a result of poor communication.

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