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IMA began as a magazine in March 2012 to promote its core philosophy of “Living with Photography”―looking at, reading about, studying, buying, and decorating with art photography. IMA has become well regarded for its profiles of photographers around the world who push the art form in new and exciting directions, as well as features on notable trends in the field of art photography. After successfully establishing a strong

online presence, in 2014 the magazine opened IMA Concept Store, a gallerybookshop located right in the heart of Tokyo’s Roppongi district. The gallery curates photography exhibitions offering novel approaches and perspectives, and hosts a variety of events including workshops led by some of today’s top creatives. IMA has even launched its

own publishing brand―IMA books― to give it the freedom to plan and publish photobooks that meet its own sensibilities, as well as to foster the development of today’s brightest young Japanese photographers.



    IMA is a quarterly magazine that was launched in March 2012. Each issue revolves around a specific theme―family portraits, cities, traveling, and street photography, for example― and features photographic art that reflects that theme by contemporary artists chosen for that issue. The photographers are introduced in a variety of ways, from interviews to reviews and long-form storytelling.



  • IMA Photobooks


    IMA PHOTOBOOKS is a photobook publishing label that was established in 2014. Its mission, like that of the photography magazine IMA and IMA gallery, is primarily to discover and publish the works of young and talented Japanese photographers. It also publishes works by established photographers working in Japan and abroad and catalogs for unique exhibitions. 

  • IMAweb


    IMA ONLINE  is a online platform which provides various activities of IMA project. We also deliver the latest events, exhibitions, contests related to the art photography.

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Founded in 1979, amana inc. began its life as a stock photo agency but has since been engaged in a variety of visual communications businesses.

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