IMA 2012 Autumn Vol.1

Family Portraits

IMA 2012 Autumn Vol.1

The theme of this volume is “family.”From photography’s beginning to now, innumerable photographers in both the East and West have addressed the theme of the “family.”By looking back at a variety of works produced throughout the last century, this volume shows the various worldviews and methods that photographers have employed in capturing the family in photography. The images also illustrate global transformations through history.

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Animals and Reality Distortion Field by Ryan McGinley

Family Portraits:
Terry Richardson, Taryn Simon, Eunice Adorno, Disfarmer, Richard Avedon, Juergen Teller, Shoji Ueda, Daido Moriyama, Takashi Homma, Henri-Cartier Bresson and more

Dialogue with Thomas Demand, Jessica Eaton, Ann Woo

Great Master’s View by Ansel Adams

Photography Now Vol.2 by Charlotte Cotton

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