IMA 2014 Winter Vol.10

The Boundary between Photography and Painting

IMA 2014 Winter Vol.10

There are “paintings that look like photographs” and “photographs that look like paintings.” Since the birth of photography, the two arts have at times merged and at others repelled, but have always retained a close relationship. The boundary between paintings and photographs is growing more and more ambiguous. The two arts now exist in harmony, and the possibilities of expression are expanding.

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Opening story : Nerhol “Atlas”
Interview: “Transcending Genres”

Feature: The Boundary between Photography and Painting
Charles Freger “Bretonnes”
Daniel Gordon “Still Lifes, Portraits and Parts”
Nan Goldin “Scopophilia”
Collier Schorr “Jens. F”
Kazuna Taguchi “at a dead end, in deep”
Sandra Kantanen “Landscapes”

Gerhard Richter

The Global Whirlwind of Photo Books

Ikko Nakahara “Domains”

Two Exhibitions on Robert Frank

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