IMA 2015 Autumn Vol.13

In Search of Hitherto Unseen Portraits

IMA 2015 Autumn Vol.13

From the birth of the daguerreotype to today, the portrait has been the most familiar and endlessly intriguing subject for both amateur and professional photographers alike. Today, many photographers are creating portraits in ways that redefine the genre. Additionally, with the flood of “selfies” being produced on SNS daily, the time is riper than ever for considering the meaning and positioning of photographic portraiture.

PRICE:1,944 JPY+tax


Opening story: Yuji Hamada
“C/M/Y” Text: Hideto Fuse

Feature: In Search of Hitherto Unseen Portraits
“KIN” Pieter Hugo
“RECYCLE(PRELUDE)” Jean-Francois Lepage
“What Remains Invisible and Untold” Bettina von Zwehl
“Eleven Years” Jen Davis
“2041” 2041
“Back to the Future” Irina Werning
“untitled on(the surface)” Mayumi Hosokura (Exclusively shot for the current issue)

“24 Hours, July 1969” Stephen Shore

Me in the Mirror Self-portraits As a Mirror of the Times

The relation between photographic portraits and their subjects as seen in photo books

Dior × Yuji Hamada

“STEP OUT! vol.9”
by 5 upcoming Japanese photographers
Tomoe Murakami / Atsushi Okabe / Mariko Ohya / Tatsuya Shimohira / Sohei Yasui

“This is what hatred did” Cristina De Middel
Text: Keijiro Suga

Collector’s Life in the World
Collectors from around the world demonstrate how to live with photography

Visual Philosophy of BOTTEGA VENETA

“Your Body is Yours” Wolfgang Tillmans
Text: Minoru Shimizu

The Serial
Takashi Homma “My Intimate memories”
vol.5 Photographer

How They Are Made An exploration of the sites where new photography is produced
vol.1 Daniel Gordon


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