IMA 2015 Winter Vol.14

Depth of Monochrome Photography

IMA 2015 Winter Vol.14

When the colorful and real world is captured in a black and white photograph, a new image appears. Sometimes a new context is born. The harmony between just black and white can, at times, surpass reality in its eloquence and truthfulness. This is why black and white photography remains current and continues to draw in both viewers and photographers. Today, a new generation of photographers is exploring the possibilities of black and white photography in a world, where digital photography has become the norm.

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Grand Seiko Through Three Photographers’ Eyes
Keiichi Tahara / Yuji Hamada / Sakiko Nomura

Opening story: Sohei Nishino
“Day Drawing” Text: Ivan Vartanian
Feature: Depth of monochrome photography
Dirk Braeckman
Text: Marta Daho
“American Dreaming” Jerry Spagnoli
Text:Hiroo Yamagata
“Observatoires” Noemie Goudal
Interview with the artist
“RAMA LAMA DING DONG” Yusuke Yamatani
Interview with the artist
“EURASIA” Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs
Text: Thomas Seelig
“Apokryphen” Ricarda Roggan
Text: Erika Kobayashi

“The New Color: The Return of Black – and – White”
Text: Charlotte Cotton

Eight photographers discuss their choice of black and white and color.
Tomoko Yoneda / Todd Hido / Ishiuchi Miyako / Toshio Shibata / Daisuke Yokota / Paul Kooiker / Taiji Matsue / Christian Patterso

“Beyond the document: Experiments in Photographic Manipulation”
Daisuke Yokota / Antony Cairns / Asger Carlsen and more
Text: Marc Feustel

Chronology of Japanese Monochrome Photobooks

“STEP OUT! vol.10”
by 5 upcoming Japanese photographers
Mitsuru Nishimura / Tokyo rumando / Soushi Tanaka / Yuichiro Ito / Yoshitsugu Nagano

Shoji Ueda
Text: Marc Feustel

Francesca Woodman
Text: Sawako Akune

“Slaughter” Masahisa Fukase
Text: Tomo Kosuga


Johan van der Keuken Text: IMA
L’ECOLE Van Cleef & Arpels

The Serial
Takashi Homma “My Intimate memories”  vol.6 Creative Director

How They Are Made An exploration of the sites where new photography is produced
vol.2 Sohei Nishino


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