Aquarius(1/20 - 2/18) Horoscope for June 2018


Photo: Harumi Shimizu

This Month’s Forecast

Aquarius this month almost feel like the protagonist of a play or a show. In the latter half of June, we see Mars – the planet defining our assertiveness and our behavior – move into retrograde in your sign, emphasizing the importance of self-assertion and expression for you in particular. One may find that they have to express their presence and their opinion more emphatically than normal to get what it is that you really want. This month we see the beginning of a new path for you: one where you are reminded of the importance of being the starring role of your own life. Aquarians are known for their calm and their composure, and tend to gaze at life with a sense of objectivity; but this month, we see the importance of maintaining a sense of subjectivity as well. In the realm of relationships, you may find that it’s hard to maintain your distance with some people, or that your own feelings become increasingly difficult to keep under control – in other words, you have trouble maintaining your distance. You may not be able to view everything with a birds-eye-view anymore. We could call this the beginning of your time as the “starring role” in your own life – you are being called to take more of an assertive, active position in center stage!

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