Gemini(5/21 - 6/21) Horoscope for June 2018


Photo: Harumi Shimizu

This Month’s Forecast

It’s your birthday season, Gemini – happy birthday! Beginning from the Full Moon at the end of May last month, Gemini is truly in the ascendant this month; your intellectual curiosity is at a zenith, and you’ll likely finding yourself anxious to expand your knowledge and your horizons. June is ideal for new beginnings; we see Mercury, Venus, and Mars make contact with Gemini, each bestowing you with vitality and giving a boon to your ability for creation and expression (especially your writing abilities)! Novels and other forms of written media give way to boosts of inspiration, and your words are certain to resonate more than usual with a variety of people. With the influence of Neptune on around June the 7th, however, we see that misunderstandings and other miscommunications are more prone to pop up than usual – make special care to select your words with more attention at this time. Things in the romance department are looking up as well – with positive aspects by Mars, you may see a partner arrive who is particularly impressed by your intellect. Start of this month by writing out the start of a new chapter for yourself. How the story will unfold is all up to you!

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