Leo(7/23 - 8/22) Horoscope for June 2018


Photo: Harumi Shimizu

This Month’s Forecast

Leo is often called the “King” of the zodiac, with the sign itself closely tied to imagery of a regal nature – to gold, to crowns, and more. This month, we see the potential for Leonians to come back in touch with the “monarch” from within – the beginning of a cycle where Leonians come to rediscover their innate majesty, their light. As we see Mars enter into Aquarius – the sign located opposite of Leo – your relationships with others come into the spotlight; in particular, relationships with men are likely to serve as catalysts for deep realizations. In interacting with your boss, your father, or with a romantic partner, you may find that sources of anger come back to life, or that reactions that you’re not even conscious of reflexively come out of you due to minor events. In essence, wounds from the past – ones that have remained out sight – come back into awareness. Mars awakens these parts of yourself, these parts of you left untapped, and directs your vision to them. This process may be thought of a way to help you ascend to the regal light within you. As you go through this journey, you’ll find you gain further grit – and that you being slowly reborn into a more assertive, active you. From this month on, you enter into a new stage; one you could call your coronation.

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