Libra(9/23 - 10/23) Horoscope for June 2018


Photo: Harumi Shimizu

This Month’s Forecast

Did Librans out there know that your sign has particularly strong associations with the sunset and evening time? The glyph to represent Libra in the Zodiac, “♎,” is said to resemble not only to a set of scales but also to the evening sun setting over the horizon. This month, an image rises to mind of Libras sitting, gazing watching the Sun set and the world fall into twilight. Whereas many Libras spent their April in deep contemplation and their May awakened to Crystal Vision, I see many now entering into full-fledged relaxation mode beginning from this June. This month promises for many times spent with treasured friends and others around you. Take the leap and let yourself find release through play this month. Your powers of imagination are surging leading to fruitful happenings for those involved in creative work or other pursuits. Just keep in mind that the energy in the air month isn’t necessarily conducive for bringing things to completion – your powers of concentration are less collected than usual. It’s more about having fun in the process.

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