Sagittarius Horoscope for June 2018


Photo: Harumi Shimizu

This Month’s Forecast

A defining trait of Sagittarians is their undying desire to move, together with how their eyes are often faced outward to the world unfolding beneath their eyes. Of course, maintaining a desire for adventure is an endeavor of vital importance for Sagittarians, but why don’t you instead turn your attention to your local community as opposed to the world at large this month? This June, I see Sagittarians shining their brightest when working in and around their everyday environs and in places within their quotidian. Whether it be a nearby cafe, the park down the street, or your favorite restaurant – the answers you may be looking for may be right beneath your nose. Sagittarians are more inclined to focus their thoughts towards lands far away from where they are or focusing on their ideal world rather than the world in front of them, but take this opportunity to shift your sights to your immediate surroundings. There are likely discoveries for you to uncover. With the Full Moon on the 29th, we see that Sagittarians come to bathe in the light of other people’s attention. Perhaps you will be the subject of people’s attention, or you may find that in spending close time with those around you opens the doors up to unexpected chances.

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