Virgo(8/23 - 9/22) Horoscope for June 2018


Photo: Harumi Shimizu

This Month’s Forecast

Virgo this month appears a little more sensitive than usual – both physically and spiritually. You may find yourself moved to tears a lot easier when watching a movie, or deeply moved by the kindness of others – all kinds of feelings and notions find rise within you. Neptune, Mars, and a variety of planets moving through Cancer heighten your sensitivity – to the point where you have trouble discerning the boundary line between yourself and others. The feelings of others are likely to mix in with your own more often. Physically, you may react more sensitively to outer stimuli, meaning you are more prone to stress. Even in the heat of summer, the image of a snowflake seems an apt representation of Virgo’s energy this month. Sensitive, intricate and beautiful, but something about the sight of it seems poignant at the same time. The feelings of others may take you to some deep places – but in paying due attention to the little movements and notions of the heart, you may find little gleams of inspiration: like hidden treasures.

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