IMA 2016 Spring Vol.15

Special Feature Guest Editor Ryan McGinley

IMA 2016 Spring Vol.15

For over 20 years, Ryan McGinley has created a photographic world of beauty, freedom, and joy. His photographs might be said to constitute a contemporary mythology. The world of photography has rarely seen a star of his caliber with such a fanatical following. This feature reveals what lies behind McGinley’s creative process. It examines his everyday life, which is indispensable to his practice; the artists he most admires; the photo books and music that have influenced him; and his total commitment to photography.

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Yoshinori Mizutani × ISETAN


Special Feature: Ryan McGinley UP TO DATE
“The Four Seasons” Ryan McGinley
Special Interview Interview & Text: Yasuyo Hibino
Tips for Nude Shoots
Playlist for Nude Shoots
Private Photo Diary
Ryan’s Best Book 75

Ryan’s favorite artists
Sandy Kim / Dash Snow / Dan Colen / Marilyn Minter / Marc Hundley / Agathe Snow / Jack Walls / Matt Connors / Collier Schorr

A story written by New York’s last bohemian
Text: Miwa Susuda


STEP OUT! vol.11 Tatsuya Furuno

“Grassland Tears” Nao Tsuda
“Connotations” Hideyuki Ishibashi

Photographic hommagesto masterpieces
Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs / Scheltens&Abbenes / Alexander Gronsky / Christian Patterson / Daisuke Yokota / Go Itami / Alec Soth / Yoshinori Mizutani

The Next Stage
The latest on support available to photographers


The Serial
How They Are Made An exploration of the sites
where new photography is produced
vol.3 Lorenzo Vittori

Takashi Homma “My Intimate memories” vol.7 musician


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