IMA is a quarterly magazine that was launched in March 2012. Each issue revolves around a specific theme―family portraits, cities, traveling, and street photography, for example― and features photographic art that reflects that theme by contemporary artists chosen for that issue. The photographers are introduced in a variety of ways, from interviews to reviews and long-form storytelling. IMA tackles head-on what it means to view art photography in a magazine. Its answer, as reflected within its pages, is to position itself as a platform for providing all the elements that go into photography―sincerity, courage, humor, cruelty, and a sense of mischief― and to serve as a medium for sharing what is contemporary in photography with as many people as possible. After all, “IMA” is Japanese for “now.”

Whole issues : April, November. 1 issue: 3,300 JPY, 2 issues: 4,400 JPY (save 33%)

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