IMA 2022 Autumn/Winter Vol.38

Tracing Back Our Roots

Tracing Back Our Roots

All ethnicities and races have each their history and stories to tell, cultivating their unique language and culture. That is why this world is fertile, beautiful, and must be loved. Yet at the same time, so many issues shadowed by hate, conflict, and sadness are erupting in every part of the world. To contemplate upon and explore the roots of the people, whether it is one’s own identity or that of someone else, is a thoughtful action that sheds light on personal memories and uncovers the untold history of the community. This chapter that traces back their roots arouses our ignorance and awakens our conscience. It all begins with knowing.



Tracing Back Our Roots
River Claure
Silvia Rosi
Myriam Boulos
Sabiha Çimen
Kurt Tong
Kim Hak
Diana Markosian

INTERVIEW_1  River Claure
The New Tales of Bolivia
Text by IMA

INTERVIEW_2  Kurt Tong
A Love Letter to My Nanny
Text by IMA

The Personal is Political
Text by Marc Feustel

The Fading Memory; a Hint of a Connection
Text by Futoshi Miyagi

30 Photobooks Around Roots
Miwa Susuda/Kong Yen Lin/Laura Sackett/Dan Rule/Emilie Lauriola/Yumi Goto

A Journey to Explore the Roots of the Taiwanese Artists
Text by Lee Wei-I
Zhang Xu Zhan/ Hou I-Ting/ Chen Shun Chu/ Yang Teng-Chi/ Hung Cheng-jen/ Kao Chung-Li

The Road of the Roots that Connects the Past to the Future
Sirkhane DARKROOM/Indian Memory Project/Kısmet

Bishin Jumonji “Orchid Boat”
Japanese Immigrants of Hawaii: Their Personal History
Interview by Takahiro Ito

A Fresh Eye on Fashion Photography
Text by Runa Ando
Feng Li/Jet Swan/ Hugo Comte/ Thomas Albdorf/John Yuyi/ Valeria Herklotz/ Campbell Addy
Now, now. Text by Dal Chodha

GUCCI / Under the Spell of Stanley Kubrick
Text by Naruyoshi Kikuchi
“Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative”– From one generation to the next

Elegance in Ralph Lauren Unveiled at Ralph’s Milan

The world of Marcus Tomlinson; ISSEY MIYAKE craftsmanship comes to life

Rinko Kawauchi─M/E: On this sphere Endlessly interlinking
Noguchi Rika─Small Miracles
Dialogue Rinko Kawauchi × Noguchi Rika
Imagination; the Connection to the World We Live in
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Honkadori – The Transmission and Flight of the Japanese Culture
Text by Mitsuhiro Wakayama

Selected Articles

  •  Tracing Back Our Roots

    Tracing Back Our Roots

    From the personal memories and identities of the photographers to the untold history, we present to you the works of 7 artists, River Claure, Silvia Rosim Myriam Boulos, Sabiha Çimen, Kurt Tong, Kim Hak, Diana Markosian who reflect upon their roots.

  • 30 Photobooks Around Roots

    30 Photobooks Around Roots

    6 various specialists from America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia each selected 5 books themed upon “Roots.” Photographers are attempting to visually express themselves, small communities, or buried histories through new perspectives today, a time in which diversity is better understood.

  • A Fresh Eye on Fashion Photography

    A Fresh Eye on Fashion Photography

    For this occasion, we have selected artists that mostly don’t identify as “fashion photographers.” As ones who “also” takes fashion photography, we picked 7 photographers worth of special attention to feature their fashion expression alongside their multiform backgrounds and interviews.

  • Rinko Kawauchi─M/E: On this sphere Endlessly interlinking / Noguchi Rika─Small Miracles

    Rinko Kawauchi─M/E: On this sphere Endlessly interlinking
    Noguchi Rika─Small Miracles

    This fall, Rinko Kawauchi and Rika Noguchi each opened their solo exhibitions at museums almost simultaneously. While showcasing their newest works, the two who are close in age and have known each other since a while ago, discuss their latest practices which will be presented in their exhibitions, and episodes of their image-making process.


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