IMA 2020 Autumn Vol.33

Images of the World Today

IMA 2020 Autumn Vol.33

We are facing an unprecedented crisis; yet, looking back in history, we have overcome such hardship before and now, every community around the world is once again, combating against these complex current issues. Photography cannot eradicate the virus nor poverty; It will not solve conflicts nor discriminations. But it has the power to visualise and reveal the voices unheard before. In this volume, 33 artists have come together to share the diverse issues explored through their practice along with their written responses. We can thus, travel around the world through images and survey the questions behind each of their works. We have no time to despair; this is the time to turn your eyes to photography.



Images of the World Today

On which side stands the photographer? text= Natsuki Ikezawa

Kata Geibl/Mona Kuhn/Terri Weifenbach/Vasantha Yogananthan/Kurt Tong/Chow and Lin/Alexander Gronsky/Graciela Iturbide/Christto&Andrew/Song Nian Ang/Maria Gruzdeva/Kenryou Gu/Kechun Zhang/Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber/Gregory Eddi Jones/Hannah Darabi/Erik Kessels/Nick Waplington/Charlie Engman/Kazuma Obara/Lieko Shiga/Liang Pin Tsao/Satoshi Fujiwara/Yurie Nagashima/Bharat Sikka/Elsa Leydier/Oliver Chanarin/Eiki Mori/Pixy Liao/Jabulani Dhlamini/Alice Mann/Sohrab Hura/Cristina De Middel & Bruno Morais

The Chain Reaction of Art text=Chow and Lin
On social activism, political landscape and photography text=Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber
Distance—between myself, a human being in modern society, to death and to the natural world text= Lieko Shiga
The necessity of education and standards of beauty within female portraiture text= Yurie Nagashima
Decolonize the way to use photography Jabukani Dhlamini Interview

STEP OUT! vol.29 Ai Mizobuchi

The Story of African American Photographers
Interview to the art historian Cheryl Finley – Studying the “self-portraits” captured by African Americans text=Yuriko Yamaki
Carrie Mae Weems/D’Angelo Lovell Williams/Joshua Rashaad McFadden/Xaviera Simmons


TOKYO and US vol.15 Scheltens & Abbenes
Catch Up
Collector’s Eye vol.5 David Solo
Photobook Chronicle vol. 4 『Doors』/『BUKUBUKU』
How They Are Made vol.21 Gentaro Ishizuka

Selected Articles

  • Images of the World Today

    Images of the World Today

    Through texts and images, 33 artists from every corner of the world present the themes and questions they explore through their works and how each of them they incorporate photography within their surveys. An extensive feature over 90 pages, investigating the potential of photography today.

  • The Story of African American Photographers

    The Story of African American Photographers

    Swinging the spotlight to African American photographers, we introduce a brief overview of their history with the practice of 4 artists and selected works. Primarily dealing with questions surrounding identity, their images, overcoming the boundaries of race, serve as sparks of realization and a means to reflect upon modern-day issues.



    Ever since the Maison Hermès in Ginza opened its doors, exhibitions of numerous artists and film projections have continuously taken place within the glass cube. Photographer, Daisuke Yokota, captures the building with his unconventional techniques.

  • How They Are Made vol.21 Gentaro Ishizuka

    How They Are Made vol.21 Gentaro Ishizuka

    A feature on one talented photographer expanding the possibility of photographic expression through the use of unique processes. In this 21st volume of the serial, we visited an artist travelling all around the world with his 8×10 in hand, Gentaro Ishizuka and his studio where he creates his immaculate prints with menticulous dark room techniques.


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