IMA 2020 Winter Vol.34

Viviane Sassen and her vivid vision

IMA 2020 Winter Vol.34

It is an undeniable fact that the digitalization greatly influenced the revolution of photographic expression after 2000; Another factor that contributed to such upheaval is perhaps the apparition of the great artist, Viviane Sassen. Is it too much to say if we delineated the impact of visual language she produced in all genres as the years “pre/post-Sassen”? The important events of her life, the trace of her thoughts and the shift of conscience behind her practice; To search and think about such themes, give us universal hints that help us reflect back on ourselves and face our time. Let us listen to the voices of her vivid images once again.



CHANEL 2020 -21 Cruise Collection So Mitsuya

Viviane Sassen and her vivid vision
Latest Work: Venus&Mercury
Photography as a Mirror text: Joanna L. Cresswell
Selected Work Archive
Flamboya, Parasomnia, In and Out of Fashion, UMBRA, Etan & Me, Pikin Slee, Of Mud and Lotus, Roxane Ⅱ

Beyond Goethe’s Theory of Colours text: Hideto Fuse
The Reticent Physicality of Viviane Sassen text: Charlie Engman
This is Me, Looking at You, Looking at Me text: Frits Giertsberg
Meeting Viviane Sassen in Poetry text: Maria Barnas
Intrigue & Instinct text:Michael Famighetti
The Uncertainty of Motherhood text: Rinko Kawauchi

Venus & Mercury text: Jerry Stafford
Crossing Points text: Nanda van den Berg
Fashion x Viviane text: Jun Ishida

21 Questions from our readers to Viviane Sassen!

Viviane Sassen’s Sources of Inspirations

An outlook on society by Gucci CHIME ZINE

STEP OUT!vol.30 Kazuhei Kimura

Honeymoon of Rolex and Movies

Wolfgang Tillmans Interview
“How does it feel?” –
Where Tillmans stands now, an artist who sheds light on the complicated current age,

TOKYO and US vol.16 Inka&Niclas
Catch Up World News
Photobook Chronicle vol.5 as it is / Maho-chan
How They Are Made vol.22 Mari Katayama
Back Issues/IMA Photobooks/Introducing Foci Press

Selected Articles

  • “Photography as a Mirror” text: Joanna L. Cresswell

    “Photography as a Mirror” text: Joanna L. Cresswell

    Viviane Sassen, with her childhood surrounded by vivid colours in Kenya, her studies of fashion and photography with those memories at heart along with the later experience of her father’s death, she now brings to life images of beauty but with the presence of Life and Death alongside. Beginning with her most recent work, let us trace back the course of her life, and take a close look at her exceptional world which entrusts its full interpretation to the viewer.

  • Viviane Sassen Archive

    Viviane Sassen Archive

    From her earlier series, “Flamboya” and “Parasomnia” to the more recent “Roxane Ⅱ”, we have picked up 8 series from her archive of works. Accompanied by texts based on 6 keywords: Shadow and Colour, Body, Portrait, Poem, Gender and Maternity, we explore each transition within her practice. Contributors include Hidetoshi Fuse, Charlie Engman and Rinko Kawauchi.

  • Asking Viviane Sassen! 21 questions from our readers

    Asking Viviane Sassen! 21 questions from our readers

    Viviane Sassen answers to questions gathered on IMA’s social media. From the early works during her studies, motto, cameras, daily lives to her thoughts on the essence of beauty, we unravel her character and attitude towards her practice through 21 questions.

  • Wolfgang Tillmans Interview

    Wolfgang Tillmans Interview

    Where he stands now; Tillmans, the artist who sheds light on this complex age
    Spring 2020, the world fell into an unforeseen pandemic no one ever imagined before. Tillmans was thus, obliged to stay in Berlin due to the lockdown. He discusses how he spent his time during such period and his feelings on this matter as an artist, developing to his practice which expanded even more in the recent years including political activism, music and theatre. A 16 pages feature of his works is also included.


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