IMA 2021 Autumn/Winter Vol.36

Gender Fluidity in Photography

IMA 2021 Autumn/Winter Vol.36

Throughout the long history of mankind, unlike the Garden of Eden, there were more than just “men” and “women” in this world. Gender discriminiation is not as simple as it is defined by the society. There exists as many ranges of sexualities and gender as there are people and it is an issue that deeply concerns the entire world population. In the present time, its social awareness is changing day by day. The photographers introduced in this volume has lived through such years of fluidity, earnestly facing the subjects that stand in front of them and bestowed a redefined sense of value. How will your thoughts change after reading this issue?



Feature: Gender Fluidity in Photography
Laurence Philomene
Paul Mpagi Sepuya
Sara Cwynar
Pacifico Silano
Pixy Liao
Justine Kurland
Luo Yang

INTERVIEW_1 Laurence Philomene
A Visual Dairy of Transition
Text by IMA

INTERVIEW_2  Paul Mpagi Sepuya
The Other Side of the Layered Image
Text by Yuriko Yamaki

Gender: One Big Adventure
Text by Joanna Cresswell

On Images: Gender Power Structures Rooted in the Media and Society
Text by Minori Suzuki

No one else but “I”
Text by Sayaka Takahashi
Hirotsugu Horii/Masashi Urashiba/Taisuke Nakano/Kento Terada/Yu Kawasaki/Eiri Motoyoshi/Mio Sakato

The Artists That Shaped Angelcore – The Internetʼs ʻGirliestʼ Aesthetic
Text by Joanna Cresswell
Juno Calypso/Ashley Armitage/Arvida Byström/Rochelle Brock

Radical Re-Imagining: Gender and South African Women Photographers, 1990 to now
Text by Bronwyn Law-Viljoen
Jodi Bieber/Jean Brundrit/Zanele Muholi/Gabrielle Goliath/Lee-Ann Olwage/Lebohang Kganye/Phumzile Khanyile

TRANSLATION BY SOYEON KIM Korean Feminist Photography Today
Text by Hyunjung Son
Youngsook Park/Jinhee Kim/Minji Yi/Yezoi Hwang/Uiryung Park

Yurie Nagashima
Feminism As a Way of Seeing
Text by Yuzu Murakami

20 Photobooks Around Gender
Selected by Russet Lederman, Futoshi Miyagi, Miwa Susuda Bruno Ceschel

Tracing the History of LGBTQ Photography with Photo Books
Text by Yuriko Yamaki

Peter Hujar
A Profound Gaze Toward the Loved Ones
Text by Sawako Akune

Roni Horn Interview
When You See Your Reflection in Water, Do You Recognize the Water in You?
Interview by Fumi Ishino

Text by IMA

Rolex Award 2021
Text by IMA

Sara Cwynar

Selected Articles

  • Gender Fluidity in Photography

    Gender Fluidity in Photography

    In the current society with the diversifying ideas of gender, photographers grant us various insights. In this feature, we present to you 7 fresh and talented artists: Laurance Philomene, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Sarah Cwyner, Pacifico Silano, and Pixy Lao.

  • 20 Photobooks Around Gender

    20 Photobooks Around Gender

    We have appointed Russet Lederman, Futoshi Miyagi, Miwa Susuda, and Bruno Ceschel, all with a unique point of view, to each select 5 books. A post-war photo book by a Japanese female photographer or a zine embodying the millennial’s depiction of identity and message to society; We reflect on what gender is through diverse photographic expressions that have emerged over the ages.

  • Peter Hujar: A Profound Gaze Toward the Loved Ones

    Peter Hujar: A Profound Gaze Toward the Loved Ones

    He “knows that portraits in life are always, also, portraits in death,” as wrote Susan Sontag,
    Peter Hujar was a photographer who was loved by the ‘70s~’80s New York culture scene. The subjects in his portraits opened their hearts to Hujar and posed as they please in front of his camera. A photographer who accepted everything about them. Who is he? A peek at his short yet profound life.

  • Roni Horn: When You See Your Reflection in Water, Do You Recognize the Water in You?

    Roni Horn: When You See Your Reflection in Water, Do You Recognize the Water in You?

    An interview to Roni Horn who has just opened her first solo-exibtion in Japan at the POLA Museum of Art in Hakone. The Los-Angeles based photographer, Fumi Ishino as the interviewer, we open the doors to her incomparable works through her exhibited works by taking a close look at her thought process.


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