IMA 2019 Spring Vol.27


Alejandra Carles-Tolra

Alejandra Carles-Tolra

Technological developments and the wave of globalization have accelerated social transformations. The values produced by the modernization process have started to face significant challenges in the contemporary era. Environmental destruction has escalated on a global scale; medical technologies have lengthened human lives; AI has resulted in automation; a sharing economy has become popular; SNS and other technologies are changing the relations between individuals and society. Ideas regarding happiness, stability, and other views on life are also shifting.

Unique communities drawing people with similar beliefs in search of new values are increasingly developing globally.
The future, as seen in the photographs that capture these communities, offer propositions for our problems and concerns as well as our fantasies and ideals.

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Text: Shinichi Tsuji
「Furnishing the Sacred」Zellei Boglárka Éva
Text: Liza Premiyak Translation: Yuka Katagiri
「I and I」Tomoko Kikuchi
Interview & Text: Miho Odaka
「Where We Belong」Alejandra Carles-Tolra
Text: Celia Graham-Dixon Translation: Yuka Katagiri
「Rebel Riders」 Muhammad Fadli
Text: Akihiro Hatanaka
「GOKAB」Kensaku Seki
Text: Enrico Isamu yama

Posturing: New Eyes Capture Various Communities

Photobooks Dialoge on Community

STEP OUT!vol.23 Hayahisa Tomiyasu

Design is a Magic!

Interview with Lieko Shiga

Interview with Scheltens & Abbenes
Interview & Text: Sawako Fukai

Artist in Residency around the world

TOKYO and ME vol.9 Massimo Vitali
Catch Up: Photography News from the World
People: Scene-Pioneering Figures: Menno Liauw
Homma Takashi “Talking Photography” vol.11 Yasufumi Nakamori
How They Are Made: Where New Photography is Born vol.15 Yuki Onodera

Selected Articles

New Eyes Capture Various Communities

New Eyes Capture Various Communities

The common sense of a small community developed in a remote corner of the world could someday become standard. Communities of minorities can examine their aspirations and interests to expose contemporary social problems and generate new values. We present the works of six up and coming artists to consider the contemporary state of communities.

Photobooks Dialogue on Community

Photobooks Dialogue on Community

The photo books we introduce below are not transient records of communities captured from an outsider’s perspective. In the context of the contemporary moment, when diversity is increasingly  privileged, the 15 books below trouble the boundaries that define the concept “communities,” which tend to become insular.

Artist in Residency around the world

Artist in Residency around the world

Photographers leave their everyday surroundings for artists residencies for various goals such as research, shooting, printing, and exhibition. Based on conversations with leading Japanese photographers regarding their residencies, we gleaned some clues for attaining artistic success and global recognition.


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