IMA 2018 Summer Vol.24

“It” Photographers in Millenials

IMA 2018 Summer Vol.24 © Jiehao Su

© Jiehao Su

It is said that capitalist growth and globalization have already reached a breaking point; it also seems unlikely that opposing ideologies of superpowers will be reconciled any time soon. The Internet and social networking sites have dramatically altered human communication, but fake news and fears of terrorist acts have become commonplace and the world has been overtaken by a sense of irresolvable uncertainty.

Race, gender, identity, diversity, immigration, conflicts, technological development, and institutions of family and religion have produced both merits and demerits. In a time when conventional values have been dramatically shaken, “millennials” are directly confronting issues both new and lingering from the previous century.  

Will photography surmount these issues? In this section, we focus on the photographic practices of a new generation, who, despite being young and unworldly, have armed themselves with images to resolutely face a complex set of social and political problems.

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Feature: “It” Photographers in Millenials
Harley Weir, Jiehao Su, Harit Srikhao, Maisie Cousins, Drew Nikonowicz, Elsa Leydier, Arunà Canevascini, Jiaxi Yang, Maria Gruzdeva, Noell Oszvald, Ayako Ishiba, Myles Loftin, Fish Zhang, Yoko Kusano, Dries Segers, John Yuyi, Alexandra Hunts, Izumi Miyazaki
Text: Kei Wakabayashi, Sakiko Fukuhara, Joël Vacheron

New Generation of Photography Scene

「Juchitán」Graciela Iturbide
Text: Minami Aoyama

STEP OUT! Vol. 20 Kenta Nakamura

Altering Memory
Weronika Gęsicka, Kensuke Koike, Jinhee Kim
Text: Futoshi Miyagi

Photographer’s Table
Sohei Nishino×Yuta Nakamura×Hiraku Suzuki

The Serial
TOKYO and ME vol.6 Stephen Gill
Catch Up: Photography News from the World
People: Scene-Pioneering Figures: Jeong Eun Kim
Report: “Circulations”: A Photo Festival Showcasing Young European Talent
Homma Takashi “Talking Photography” vol.8 Wei-I Lee
How They Are Made: Where New Photography is Born vol.12 Ina Jang

Selected Articles

New Generation of the Photography Scene

New Generation of the Photography Scene

New Generation of the Photography Scene

As we experience social instability caused by the strains of globalization in 2018, native users of digital media use social networks and the lingua franca of images to disseminate their unique worldviews. We spoke with key figures of the new generation, who are transgressing cultural and national boundaries, disregarding conventional professional titles such as “photographer,” “publisher,” or “curator,” and leading the photography scene. They shed light on their vision and the network of like-minded colleagues that stimulate their work.

Altering the Memory

Altering the Memory

Altering the Memory

Photographs are records. The photographic image is evidence of the recorded scene. Is recording things as they are, however, equivalent to transcribing the truth? The three photographers featured in this section alter and manipulate recorded images. The manipulation overwrites our memories and produces a new photographic context. Will this new context give rise to a new truth?   

Photographer’s Table vol.3  Sohei Nishino×Yuta Nakamura×Hiraku Suzuki

Photographer’s Table vol.3 Sohei Nishino×Yuta Nakamura×Hiraku Suzuki

Photographer’s Table vol.3 Sohei Nishino×Yuta Nakamura×Hiraku Suzuki

In this series, photographers cook and converse with guests. In the third installment of the series, Sohei Nishino, a global trotter and producer of unique maps, hosts Yuta Nakamura, who collects pottery from all over Japan to decipher local cultures and customs, and Hirkau Suzuki, who uses motifs such as “streets” and “transportation” and generate new lines across time and space. What sort of circuit will connect these three idiosyncratic artists?


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