IMA 2019 Summer Vol.28
Special limited box

All About Stephen Gill

Stephen Gill

Stephen Gill

As an occasion to celebrate the issue of “IMA” Vol.28 Stephen Gill Edition, we have created original prints of a photograph selected by Stephen Gill himself, from his newest series, “The Pillar”. It is a limited edition of 100 copies, signed by the artist and brought to you in a special edition box.


“IMA 2019 Summer Vol.28” Special Edition Box


36,000 JPY+tax

Issued Year

2019(Shipping scheduled at the end of June 2019)


1 Original Print / 1 “IMA” Vol.28 Stephen Gill Edition


A special box / Signed / Editions: 100


IMA Vol.28

Have you heard of Stephen Gill? His whole story remains little known because he appears in the media infrequently, but we do know that he was born in London and currently resides and works in rural Sweden. Looking back at his career, it becomes quite clear that he was a very 21st century artist in many ways. His creative style, in which his methods and subjects changed with each new series, is to consider the photographic medium seriously and continue producing meticulously. In this volume, we consider the irresistible appeal of Gill’s personage, manners, and works, which combine childlike innocence with creative rigor.

PRICE:2,500円+tax(Normal version:2,500円+tax)


Feature: All About Stephen Gill
His Latest Publication the Pillar
Stephen Gill: Interview

From his first childhood encounter with photography to his latest work the pillar

Stephen Gill: Archive of Works

A Chronology of Stephen Gill’s Trajectory
Cotemporary Alchemist Luce Lebart
A Selection of Favorite Albums
Intersection of Parallel Journeys: A Conversation Between Stephen Gill and Rinko Kawauchi

Classic Works that Fascinated Stephen Gill

20 Artbooks Selected by Stephen Gill
A List of Favorite Records
Interview: Markus Schaden and Frederic Lezmi
What Nobody Brought to the Table in the Golden Age of Photobooks

In Memory of Jonas Mekas

Mekas’ Circle of Friends

Photographer’s Dining Table


Photo News from Around the World
Ran no hana [Orchid Ship]
The site of new photographic production

Selected Articles

  • From his first childhood encounter with photography to his latest work the pillar

    From his first childhood encounter with photography to his latest work the pillar

    Stephen Gill employs unique methods to transgress existent photography and provide fresh surprises. Where does his airy, free imagination come from and how was it cultivated?

  • Classic Works that Fascinated Stephen Gill

    Classic Works that Fascinated Stephen Gill

    Stephen Gill has been encouraged by and inspired by pioneering works. In this section, we asked Gill to select and introduce the artworks that he most respects. 

  • In Memory of Jonas Mekas

    In Memory of Jonas Mekas

    Filmmaker Jonas Mekas continued shooting until he passed at age 96. Below we look back at his great achievements and complex life. 

  • Photographer’s Dining Table

    Photographer’s Dining Table

    In the fifth installment of this series, in which photographers cook for and converse with guests,
    Tokuko Ushioda, Shinzo Shimao, Maho Shimao, and Kayo Ume discuss families and humor as they are mediated through photography.


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