IMA 2021 Spring/Summer Vol.35

Millennials to Gen Z - The future of photographers

IMA 2021 Spring/Summer Vol.35

It is always the young generations that overturn existing values to create new movements. Currently, in the 2020s, the world is exhausted by the unprecedented threat of the novel coronavirus. Even in this environment, the young generation does not look away from the tense relationships between countries and deep-rooted discrimination. They voice their opinions on the Black Lives Matter movements, gender gap issues, and environmental issues. It is said that millennials and Generation Z lead the political movements in Hong Kong and Myanmar. They comprise the vast majority of the population, and they have overwhelming influence as they are post-digital and native to social media. This is the compilation of silent assertions by young talents who are starting to show their presence in the photo expression genre.



Feature: Millennials to Gen Z – The future of photographers

Farah Al Qasimi/Tyler Mitchell/Ashley Armitage/Guanyu Xu/Ryu Ika/System of Culture/Yushi Li/Kanade Hamamoto/Arielle Bobb-Willis/Alina Maria Frieske/Jesse Navarre Vos/Jack Davison

“Worlds Beyond Worlds” text: Joanna Cresswell

“The clarity in the future of visualization and democratization in photography” text: Yuzu Murakami
“Farah Al Qasimi: Visualizing the swaying Arab identity” text: Miwa Susuda
“Tyler Mitchell: Dreaming of the Black utopia” text: Shonagh Marshall
“Where fashion photography is heading towards in the 2020s” text: Sohei Ohshiro
“The present of Generation Z, opening up possibilities of individuality through Instagram” text: Jun Hirayama
“Guanyu Xu: Exploring the boundaries between the freedom of queer expression and social oppressions”
“Anna Jay (Refinery29 Art Director): The leading media of our time” text: Hana Takimi

Fresh Talents The 7 digital native artists
Taisuke Nakano/Ruka Kashiwagi/Kyoko Takemura/Miyu Takaki/Ichisei Hiramatsu/Shota Tsukiyama/Wei Zihan

CHANEL 11.12 The Never-Ending Reinterpretation
Yoshinori Mizutani Sakiko Nomura So Mitsuya

Lee Kit (Screenshot)
On the other side of the beautiful, poetic and gentle light

Selected Articles

  • Millennials to Gen Z – The future of photographers

    Millennials to Gen Z – The future of photographers

    Going back and forth between the boundless digital realm and the physical world, the young photographers explore their identity and visualize the future they want to envisage. In this feature, including Tyler Mitchell, Farah Al Qasimi and Ryu Ika, we have gathered the works of 12 new-generation talents to keep an eye on.

  • The 7 upcoming digital native artists

    The 7 upcoming digital native artists

    As we reflect on the current state of Japanese photography in which the works are now varied than ever, it is impossible to label them under a single description. All born and living in different places with diverse backgrounds, we shine the spotlight on 7 next-gen artists striving through the current society in which they seek to establish their identity.

  • Lee Kit

    Lee Kit "(Screenshot)"

    The solo-exhibition “(Screenshot)” by Lee Kit organized at the end of last year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We hereby present to you his works, including the series “Portfolio” using 10 photographs posted on his Facebook, from the installation built under the theme “Guilt”.

  • Mini photobook So Mitsuya SCENARIO OF REPRINT

    Mini photobook So Mitsuya SCENARIO OF REPRINT

    So Mitsuya travels back and forth between real and fiction using his digital collages. This issue’s special supplemental booklet, SCENARIO OF REPRINT, is a photobook he edited to visualize this creative process. Now working widely in fashion photography, he even incorporated pictures from his commercial works to dissect his train of thought for this occasion and thus, let us retrace the method with which he breathes life into his images.


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