IMA 2016 Summer Vol.16

Vision by the new generation

IMA 2016 Summer Vol.16

Various events are shaking the world today. The new generation is responding more acutely to society than ever before. This generation learned that SNS is a powerful communication tool that can be used to make connections, move people, and even stir up the world. Today’s photographers develop or identify unique themes and vacillate between fact and fiction to express themselves and present a new vision to the world. In this feature, we tracked the objects of these contemporary photographers’ gazes.

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Special Feature: Vision by the new generation
“OPEN FRUIT IS GOD” Harumi Shimizu
“Exposure” Kazuma Obara
“The Friday: A Report on a Report” Satoshi Fujiwara
“Salut, Mr. Bruno Taut” Tamami Iinuma
“EVERYTHING” Kenta Cobayashi
“The Passenger’s Present” Miki Soejima
Directions in photographic expression beyond
the turbulent era Daisuke Tsuda Interview

New Vision:Reflecting the World

THE THIN LINE:The boundaries of new documentary photography Michael Mack×Takashi Homma

“YOKAINOSHIMA” Charles Freger
Text : Jun Miura

“FASHION TRIBES Daniele Tamagni
Hirofumi Kurino Interview

STEP OUT! vol.12 Fumi Ishino

Cy Twombly Photographs ― Lyrical Variations ―
Poem:Shuntaro Tanikawa

“Life” “Kekkai” “Egg” Nobuyoshi Araki
Our Favourite Ararchy Books!

Ruinart × Erwin Olaf
The essence of photography and fashion houses
revealed through lights and shadows

The Rise of Cute
Text:Marc Fuestel


The Serial
How They Are Made vol.4 Nerhol
Flagments of Japan’s Production
vol.1 Shingo Wakagi × OLYMPUS
Takashi Homma “My Intimate memories” vol.8 Chef


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