IMA 2017 Spring Vol.19

Humor photos in the age

IMA 2017 Spring Vol.19

Humans perennially search for laughter. They laugh at mistakes, gaps, coincidences, and intentions. A structural slippage draws people into laughter. Humans have various gradations and layers of laughter–explosive, bursting, condescending, derisive, empty, pitying, forced, and wry–because we have a complex culture and psychological structure. Laughter saves, comforts, unites, and sometimes transforms society. As photographic expression grows more diverse in the contemporary period, it continually produces new approaches to laughter. In times such as these, photography needs more humor.

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“In Search of Humor in Photography”
The spirit of humor exists at the base of a variety of photographic expressions including installations, photobooks, and SNS. These images contain not only humor but also irony, critique, and other messages. Add a drop of humor to photographs, and it spreads like a ripple and grabs viewers’ hearts. We examine humor in photography from various perspectives.

“Humorous Photobooks from All Times and Places”
A showdown of “humorous photobooks” of various eras and fields carefully selected through five themes by five genuine book freaks. Read this article with an open mind and your sense of humor will definitely be improved!

“The Miraculous Trajectory of Hockney’s Rediscovery of Photography”
Text: Manabu Miki

“12 Observations on Our Beloved David Hockney”
Hockney, who has created an oeuvre so immense that it defies comprehensive consideration, continues to evolve. 12 experts from various fields offer their unique perspectives on the great artist’s appeal.

“The Rise of the East Asian Photography Scene”
Within the global photography scene, East Asia maybe experiencing the biggest tectonic shifts. In China, contemporary photography is rapidly globalizing; in Taiwan, there is a remarkable move to cultivate a base for a unique photographic culture; and in Korea, young photographers are trying to create new platforms. We report on the biggest trends in photography in three neighboring East Asian nations.

“Professional Tips on Decorating with Photographs”
An increasing number of people in Japan are becoming interested in interior and living space design. Many, however, remain apprehensive about incorporating art into their spaces. We asked popular interior stylist Masato Kawai to visit two private homes and one office to style them with art photographs and furniture. Kawai offers crucial tips for skillfully linking art, furniture, and rooms.


TOKYO and ME vol.1 Jurgen Teller

Feature: Humor photos in the age
Erik Kessels Interview
“Cyanotypes” Thomas Mailaender Interview
Christto and Andrew Interview
“Fauna” Joan Fontcuberta & Pere Fontcuberta
Text: Keijiro Suga

“In Search of Humor in Photography”
Ruth van Beek, Christian Rodriguez, Ronni Campana, Jan Hoek, Motoyuki Shitamichi,Ed Panar, Chantal Rens, Maurice van Es, Maya Akshika, Izumi Miyazaki and others

STEP OUT! Vol.15 Kenji Mita

David Hockney“The Miraculous Trajectory of Hockney’s Rediscovery of Photography”
Text: Manabu Miki

“12 Observations on Our Beloved David Hockney”
Shinro Ohtake, Katsumi Omori, Erika Kobayashi, Kenjiro Hosaka, Jun Aoki, Norio Nakamura, Risaku Suzuki, Shuta Hasunuma, Koichi Suzuno, Minami Aoyama, Lucas Blalock, Hideto Fuse

“The Rise of the East Asian Photography Scene”

“Professional Tips on Decorating with Photographs”

The Serial
People: Key pioneers of the art photography scene: Lucille Reyboz & Yusuke Nakanishi
Takashi Homma, Talking Photography vol.3 Bruno Ceschell
How They Are Made: Sites where new photography is born vol.7


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