IMA 2023 Autumn/Winter Vol.40

Takashi Homma and his position today

Young Talents Confronting the Chaotic World

Takashi Homma’s photographs have always stood by our sides since the 1990s. The Tokyo neighborhoods that are repeatedly reconstucted using scraps; the ocean waves surging and receding; the mushrooms in the forests – he directs his attention to such things that, although seemingly unchanging, are subject to constant transition.

For each shoot, he only releases his shutter a few times. He allows his photographs to change depending on the media. He lies without a second thought. He enjoys how the lies in the photographs appear like the truth. Homma’s photographs are constantly fluid. “I don’t really like retrospectives, summaries.” This feature, which began with these words from a photographer unwilling to follow an authoritative and pre-established course, is a disjointed combination of bodies of work from the last few years, diaries, conversations with some, and text from others. When it seems to near, it moves away. Trying to grasp the “now” of such a kind of existence, it resulted in one volume the like of a scrapbook.

PRICE:3,300 yen(tax included)


Takashi Homma and his position today

DIALOGUE Ari Marcopoulos

A note on “frame,” after the conversation with Takashi Homma
Text by Ari Marcopoulos

DIALOGUE Cecilie Bahnsen

Guido Guidi

“Once the Shore”Paul Yoon

DIALOGUE Yurie Nagashima

How Arata Isozaki Would See the Current Tokyo
Text by Eiji Hato

Ed Templuton

Why does he like the photographs of non-photographers?


Text by Francesco Zanot

Strictly boring–on Takashi Homma’s fashion photographs
Text by Yuzu Murakami

DIALOGUE Michael Mack

Futoshi Miyagi

Robert Adams

Takanori Suzuki

Photography and Space 
Text by Maki Onishi

DIALOGUE Ivan Vartanian

Dear Homma From Raiki
Text by Raiki Yamamoto

Chiba City Blues
Text by Lesley A. Martin
Masafumi Sanai

cassette tape

Jack Day

Hanna Moon

I Picture What I See
Text by Giovanna Borasi

Mana Ogata

Showroom Model

Improvisation (F Minor)

DIALOGUE Mariko Asabuki

Typhoon and optimistic

Richter Raum
A room for a dialogue with Gerhard Richter
Text by Sumi Hayashi

Kiyoji Otsuji Seeing Beyond Things
Text by Masahiro Kodaira

GRAND PRIX : Claire Sunho Lee
SHORT LIST: Masashi Mihotani / Masaru Takahash / Li Aixiao / Nagisa Tsuji / Anton Kuehnhackl

Van Cleef & Arpelsʼ desire to support the choreographic heritage
Conversation with GUCCIʼs art created through an art book
The Rolex Art Festival A celebration of creative exchange
The first visual book full of love and beauty
What resonates with CELINEʼs aesthetic

Selected Articles

  • A Mix of Recent Works

    A Mix of Recent Works

    In addition to photographs selected from two books published this year, Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji (MACK) and TOKYO OLYMPIA (Nieves), with a mix of his recent commissions for international fashion magazine after the pandemic, this magazine will showcase his latest bodies of work which has shaped him over 41 pages.



    Conversations with Ari Marcopoulos, Yurie Nagashima, Mariko Asabuki and Cecilie Bahnsen, as well as artists, photobooks and novels that have been on his mind recently, are recounted in Homma’s (false) diary, which begins on MM-DD. Essays by Giovanna Borasi, director of the Canadian Centre for Architecture, researcher Yuzu Murakami and others with each their own interpretation of his works are also included.

  • Kiyoji Otsuji Seeing Beyond Things

    Kiyoji Otsuji Seeing Beyond Things

    With a close relationship with the artists of his time, photographer Kiyoji Otsuji has greatly influenced the Japanese photography scene as a mentor to the younger generation. Thanks to the archiving conducted after his death, we are blessed with opportunities to encounter his yet unpublished photographs. Marking his 100th anniversary, Masahiro Kodaira, a photographer with whom he had corresponded in his later years, dives into Otsuji’s singularity while tracing the life of this rare photographer who had just a single solo exhibition in his life time.

  • IMA next “OPEN CALL”

    IMA next “OPEN CALL”

    IMA next is an online photography competition meant to discover new talents. With a total of 46 competitions, various photographers have served on the jury and selected works appropriate to each theme. Of these, this year’s winners of the “OPEN CALL”, judged by the IMA editorial team, are introduced in the magazine.


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