Danila Tkachenko

Secret city Chelyabinsk-40 was not marked on the maps until 1994. It is still impossible to enter the city unless one has special permission or relatives living there Russia, Chelyabinsk region, 2013

Monument “To the Conquerors of the Space” Russia, Moscow, 2015

Antenna built for interplanetary connection Russia, Arkhangelsk region, 2013

Airplane – amphibia with vertical take-off VVA-14 Russia, Moscow area, 2013

Headquarters of Communist Party Bulgaria, Yugoiztochen region, 2015

Former residential buildings in a deserted polar scientific town specialised on biological research Russia, Republic of Komi, 2014

The world's largest diesel submarine Russia, Samara region, 2013

Water contamination test at a lake around Ozersk (formerly Chelyabinsk-40). In 1957 there was the first nuclear catastrophe, which stayed secret for 20 years. The city is surrounded by the lakes which are until now contaminated with radiation Russia, Chelyabinsk region, 2013


1989 –
モスクワ生まれ。2014年、Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimediaドキュメンタリー写真学科を卒業。ロシアを中心にアメリカ、オランダ、イギリスなど世界各地で展覧会を開催している。これまでにWorld Press Photo、European Publishers Award For Photography 、Burn Magazine grant 、Magnum 30 under 30、LensCulture Exposure Awardなどを受賞し、「Restricted Areas」シリーズはBBC Culture、The Guardian、GUP Magazine、 British Journal of Photographyなど多くの雑誌に掲載された。2016年、2017年には「Lost Horizon」、「Motherland」シリーズを発表。近年はロシアや近隣国の地域を撮影するプロジェクトが2つ進行している。



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