© amanasalto Paris Photo 2014

アマナサルトは、株式会社アマナと高品質ポートフォリオを制作・出版する、ベルギーのサルト・ウルビーク社(Salto Ulbeek BVBA)の合弁会社として、2012年4月に設立された、プラチナプリントを中心とするプリント制作会社。写真プリントを通じて、写真の持つメッセージを全世界に発信したいと考えている。


amanasalto is a high end publishing house, established in 2012 as a joint venture between amana inc. in Japan and Salto Ulbeek in Belgium. At its headquarters and the state-of-the-art printing studio in Tokyo, amanasalto manages the entire production processes for its publishing projects including planning, manufacturing and distribution of limited edition prints, portfolios, and special editions with premium photo books. The editorial and technical teams work in close collaboration with internationally renowned photographic artists and archives. Our strength lies in a combination of editorial rigor; mastery of traditional printing methods; and continuous development of new printing techniques and production systems.